We offer turnkey engineering solutions

One Line Projects Solutions is an engineering company with our head office is based in Lynwood, Pretoria. We have a footprint in the North West and Northern Cape provinces as well. 

We specialise in Plant Hire, Equipment and Industrial Vehicles, Telemetrics and Networking, Plant Monitoring and Reporting Systems, Roads, Blockage and Stormwater Infrastructure and more. Contact us today for more info. 


We specialise in Water Management Systems, Sewerage and Slurry Plants, Bulk Water Infrastructure, Engineering Compliance Audits and much more. Contact us today for more info on our services.


We specialise in Managing the Project Management Office , Managing the Project Schedule, Research and feasibility studies, Procurement Management and much more. Contact us today for more info.

To learn more about our services and to find out how partnering with us can help your business to grow, contact us today. 

Why Choose our Firm

We're Industry Partners

Decades of experience has taught us that every client's requirements is unique and our skillfulness allows us to deliver just that. We have field proven solutions, that are able to meet challenges that our clients face on daily basis. We offer comprehensive maintenance services to permit our clients to archive efficiency in operational flow; that parallels to solidifying that we are indeed industry partners with them.

Excellent Track Record

Over the years we have developed a comprehensive maintenance service on behalf of our clients. Our engineers carry out routine preventative maintenance as well as reactive maintenance on a full range of installations. We are accessible 24/7. Our engineers can rectify almost any station breakdown works in order to return the station to full operation. Our long standing track record of successful completed projects speaks volumes.

Affordable & Accessible

We provide access to the very latest and most cutting edge equipment and technology in an affordable and accessible way. We offer complete solutions, optimization and maintenance services. From product selection and technical support to comprehensive service agreements, everything can be matched for every customer’s application. We are committed to service excellence in meeting project objectives.

For every successful project, there is a team of experienced and skillful professionals

At One Line Projects Solutions, we pride ourselves on the level of skills, experience, and innovation, that our team brings in any project that we undertake. From CAPEX and OPEX project sizes - we deliver.

We have industry experience, knowledge, and reliable solutions. From a diverse range of multiple mining and municipal projects in slurry plants solutions. We ensure that our clients receive value for money.

Our Services

One Line Project Solutions has built capacity, experience, and knowledge for past 18 years in the mechanical/construction engineering field, and we have also executed and managed turnkey projects for government and private clients. We offer the following services:

Mechanical Engineering and Maintenance
Our engineers carry out routine preventative maintenance as well as reactive maintenance on a full range of installations. We are accessible 24/7.

One Line Project Solutions has extensive industry knowledge and in-depth expertise with all the respective services offered.

Civil and Electrical Construction
We offer a range of equipment and machines that meet all on-site demands. Our construction services  are tailor made to meet any specification. 

A vast number of projects varying in size and nature (Capex or Opex) have been successfully undertaken and delivered to the respective clients on schedule.

Project Management & Business Consulting
We accommodate our clients and ensure that their design requirements are met with any challenges seen to and overcome in a professional and affordable manner.

We understand that our clients require the most efficiencies in application; that is backed by 24/7 access allowing them to archive uninterrupted operational goals.


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