Providing reliable support access 24/7 grants convenience to our client's operations.

We pride ourselves on our industry-leading levels of service and expertise, and whilst delivering on our promise. One-Line Projects Solutions has over a decade of knowledge and expertise in the provision of engineered solutions.


Our experience includes direct, hands-on operation of various wastewater and water treatment units; which provides our recommendations and designs with operational flexibility and reliability for our clients.

We offer the following services:

  • Water Management Systems – Pump Stations, Purification, Treatment Plants & Distribution Networks
  • Steam Reticulation Plant systems – Boiler Plants and Calorifiers
  • Engineering Compliance Audits
  • Sewerage and Slurry Plants
  • Piping and Flow Controls – Industrial Valves, Pumps, Instrumentation and Fittings
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance – Development of Asset Registers and Maintenance Strategies (FMEA – Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)
  • Bulk Water Infrastructure
  • Emergency Response Planning – Leaks, Blockages, Damaged Infrastructure and Unplanned Outages
  •  End-to-End Fueling Plant Infrastructure 

We are passionate about water solutions and the diversity of clients that we serve for over a decade. At One Line Project Solutions, we ensure that your water management issues are handled promptly. Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) present a serious challenge for our wastewater treatment and management networks and are always a problem for the wastewater industry.

Persistent fats, oils, and grease (FOG) deposits are notorious for causing severe problems in pipes, pumping stations, and treatment plants as it creates sewer lines blockages that lead to overflow If left unattended. Overflows lead to many micro-organisms that may be harmful to humans, animals, and the environment such as viruses, bacteria, fungal, and parasitic organisms. That is why we examine the challenges associated with FOG, and the various treatment methods available to disperse or eliminate possible impediments that our clients face in their operations.

We treat all (FOG) related problems in your daily operations and with our digester system, the deposits can be easily removed. Our water treatment solutions are of biological tested standards for efficiency that is inclusive of plant requirements.

Solid waste can block your pumps and cause overheating, flow problems and damage to your pumps. Regular pump maintenance is important as breakdowns in operations can cost your business substantially. You can ensure prolonged pump life with service and maintenance planning, pump adjustments, and reliability engineering.

One Line Project Solutions has a skilful in-house team and on-site engineers that offer comprehensive after-sales service and service agreements for your pump station maintenance requirements. Coupled with our experience and expertise in pump station maintenance, we can tackle all operational problems that are pump-related and providing reliable support access 24/27 grants convenience to our client's operations.

We will maintain all your pump-related issues and we understand that safety is our responsibility when dealing with pump station maintenance. We ensure that risk assessments are undertaken and that control measures are implemented to either eliminate the risk or reduce the risk to its lowest possible level and that such assessments are reviewed on an annual basis. At One Line Project Solutions, we ensure that pump station maintenance is of high quality and operations continue, as usual, 24/7. We offer our clients the ease of reliable access 24/7, compatible pricing and value for money.

Our portable water pumps are quickly and easily movable. We supply portable diesel and electric-diesel water pumps that are operational, and it takes just minutes to set up. They provide flexibility of use in multiple sites. We understand that lost time in operations can be costly. Contact us for a competitive quote.

Our fuel bay solutions bring combined experience of many years in the industry. Our strategic partnerships and customer focussed approach provides a simple- to- use, yet highly effective and reliable fuel management solution that is accessible 24/7. We will design and manufacture unique, robust, turnkey and plug-and-play fuel storage tanks to meet your site requirements. Our team of engineers, workshop personnel, site technicians and sales personnel are at your service to design, engineer, manufacture and install your fuel storage tanks solution.

Our industry knowledge and expertise allow us to tailor-make complete slurry plant treatment and sub-support solutions that are accessible 24/7 and delivered timeously. That includes any region service delivery reach. We also adhere to Covid 19 safety procedures fully on site.

Electrical power testing equipment provides the necessary protection from unwanted and potential deadly shocks. Testing should be carried out by an electrician that knows how to operate the equipment at all times. Contact us for a quote today.


Plant Hire – Equipment and Industrial Vehicles

Our plant hire services meet all needs of any size contractor. We specialize with industry trustworthy equipment brands for hire. Furthermore, our proven track record for safety and reliability gives our customers peace of mind, whilst using the equipment on site. One-Line Projects Solutions provides you with access to all the tools that you need to achieve success in your industry. This includes equipment hire for all industry requirements. We offer high-quality equipment for all earthmoving requirements. Contact us today for more information.

Telemetrics and Networking – Plant Monitoring and Reporting Systems

We offer a wide range of plant monitoring solutions which include security alarms, flowmeters, dam level sensors, pump station level controllers and automation. Customized SCADA solutions are available for plant controllers and operators to maximise on their corrective and preventative maintenance strategies, thus saving on maintenance costs and breakdowns. 

Roads, Blockage and Stormwater Infrastructure

Low lying roads and subways are hazardous and fatal to road users especially during episodes of inclement weather storms. We offer solutions for pooling storm water, flooded bridges and blocked sewer systems. 


At One-Line Projects Solutions we are a multi-faceted project-managed team of engineers, that are uniquely driven by technical solutions, that ensure that all projects meet technical, economic, environmental, and safety requirements. Our consistency in innovative and proactive approach contributes in a broader sense of a throughout the feasibility, planning, procurement and construction stages to ensure well thought, carefully planned, cost efficient and effectively managed projects. 

We have over a decade of knowledge and expertise in the provision of engineered solutions in the water and wastewater treatment industry with many projects done, completed, and in progress within various municipalities. We can deliver value-added services and merge with the latest innovations that set us up. Our engineers are versed in the application of project management methodologies with access to all our industry best practice processes. We will integrate into your project a wealth of knowledge, solid experience, and the power of perspective at an uncompromising value to any project we

We provide tailored project management solutions to adress our clients requirements and our experience and technical knowledge of engineering will always benefit our clients. We are committed to service excellence in meeting project objectives. Our Projects Managers can handle various project scopes ranging from Opex to Capex size projects. At One-Line Projects Solutions, we help you with all your budget requirements and make sure that all projects are completed timeously. Our project management services cover all stages of a project from concept to completion, encompassing planning, scheduling and cost control through to design, construction and commissioning. One -Line Project Solutions provides tailored project management solutions to address the needs of our clients. Some key areas we tackle to make your project successful.

  • Managing the Project Management Office (PMO; PMU)
  • Research and feasibility studies
  • Managing the Project Schedule
  • Managing the Project Phase lifecycles
  • Monitoring and Controlling Baselines through Earned Value Management
  • Project Document Control
  • Collating Lessons Learnt and updating Organizational Process Assets
  • Procurement Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Project Reporting
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